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With SIRIUS, we offer you a unique comprehensive portfolio for every industrial control application. The major advantages: With their modular design, our products can be planned and built into a control cabinet in a very simple way. They are especially easy to integrate into distributed systems.

Motor starter protector - 3RV

3RV2 motor starter protectors are compact current-limiting motor starter protectors that have been optimized for load feeders. The motor starter protectors are used for switching and protecting three-phase induction motors of up to 55/45 kW at 400 V AC and for other loads with rated currents of up to 100 A.


Contactors - 3RT

3RT2 contactors are available as standard versions with AC or DC operating mechanisms or as versions with a wide-range solid-state operating mechanism and a universal actuating voltage (AC or DC operation possible).


Thermal overload relays - 3RU

SIRIUS 3RU2 thermal overload relays up to 80 A have been designed to provide current-dependent protection for loads with normal starting against impermissibly high temperature rises due to overload or phase failure.


Electronic overload Relays - 3RB

Sirius 3RB - The 3RB electronic overload relays up to 630 A with internal power supply have been designed for current-dependent protection of loads with normal and heavy starting, and to protect against excessive temperature rises due to overload, phase unbalance or phase failure. Size S00 to S12.


Button, switches, acuators, indicators - ACT

SIRIUS ACT is a modular system of push buttons and indicator lights for front plate mounting and rear-mounted electrical modules. It can be flexibly configured to specific customer requirements and features extensive accessories. For common applications, complete devices are offered.


Contactor relays - 3RH

Contactor relays are switching devices for control and auxiliary circuits and are used for controlling, signalling and locking switching devices and switchgear.


Soft starters - 3RW

The 3RW soft starters should always be designed on the basis of the required rated operational current of the motor. The motor ratings listed in the selection and ordering data are rough guide values and designed for basic starting conditions (CLASS 10).


Motor starters - 3RM

SIRIUS 3RM - motor starter. With a width of only 22.5 mm, it switches and protects small motors up to 3 kW. It is available as a direct-on-line and reversing starter – also with safety functionality.


Motor management and control devices - 3RU

SIMOCODE 3RU -  is the flexible and modular motor management system for low-voltage motors. It can be connected easily and directly to your automation system via PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET/OPC UA, Modbus RTU or EtherNet/IP.


Motor starter - M200D

Sirius M200D - The rugged and compact M200D motor starters are ideal for installations spread over a large area in harsh industrial environments. They start and protect motors and loads up to 5.5 kW and are designed for connection to the field-proven AS-i, PROFIBUS and PROFINET bus systems.


Solid-state switching devices - 3RF

SIRIUS 3RF - The complete units consist of a solid-state relay plus optimized heat sink, and are therefore "ready to use". They offer defined rated currents to make selection as easy as possible. Depending on the version, current strengths of up to 70 A are achieved.


Timing relay - 3RP

Electronic timing relays for general use in control systems and mechanical engineering.


Coupling relays - 3RQ

Sirius 3RQ - A wide selection of coupling relays and signal converters is available for the electrical isolation of I/Os and PLC inputs and outputs, signal amplification or reproduction, as well as conversion to different voltage levels or signal forms.


Power relays - 3TG

Sirius 3TG power relays are the ideal option wherever small, low-noise relays or contactors are required. They are suitable for simple controllers and for applications that do not require an overload relay and need only one auxiliary switch – but which therefore need more switching power, higher switching voltage, and a longer service life.


Plug-in coupling relays - LZS/LZX

SIRIUS LZS/LZX - coupling relays are available both as complete units, as individual modules for customer assembly, or for spare parts requirements. These are characterized by increased power for the switching of greater loads. Available coil voltages: 24 V DC, 24 V AC, 115 V AC, 230 V AC.


Monitoring relays - 3RR

SIRIUS 3RR - monitoring relays for electrical variables. The 3RR2 monitoring relay for current monitoring is integrated directly in the load feeder. It simply plugs into the contactor. Also available with IO-Link connection.


Monitoring relays- 3RN

SIRIUS 3RN - thermistor motor protection relays. The thermistor motor protection relays provide a reliable protection against motor overheating by measuring the temperature at the hot points in the inside of the motor. They monitor the winding temperature of motors directly.


Signal converters - 3RS

Sirius 3RS - signal converters are mainly used to electrically isolate and convert analog signals. Only minimal space required on the standard mounting rail due to the narrow design of just 6.2 mm and reduced depth and height of the enclosure, ideal for flat switchboxes and control cabinets with small gaps between tiers.


Monitoring relays - 3UG

SIRIUS 3UG - monitoring relays provide reliable protection for machines and plants. Current measured values or conclusive diagnostics messages are indicated on the device display. For easy connection to the controller, most monitoring relays are also available with an IO-Link interface.


Position and safety switches - 3SE

Whether mechanical position switches for standard or safety applications, position switches with short-stroke contact block or increased contact gap, safety switches with separate actuator, with tumbler or as hinge switches or non-contact magnetically operated or RFID safety switches – our sensors work extremely precisely and reliably at detecting all motion sequences in practically every application.


Modular safety system - 3RK

Sirius 3RK - The 3RK3 modular safety system (MSS) is a freely parameterizable modular safety relay. Depending on the external circuit version, safety-related applications up to performance level e according to EN ISO 13849-1 or SIL 3 according to IEC 62061 can be realized. The modular safety relay enables the interconnection of several safety applications.


Signalling columns - 8WD

Sirius 8WD - Thanks to their modularity, the steady, blinking, flashing and all-round light elements, as well as buzzer and siren elements can be flexibly designed and used in a great many ways. They are easy to install and extremely resistant to shock and vibrations.


DC power supplies - 4AV

Sirius - Power supplies 4AV2, 4AV30 to 4AV35, 4AV36 and AV38 with add-on capacitors, 4AV4 and 4AV5 supply a non-stabilized 24 V DC voltage on the basis of singleor three-phase safety transformers with downstream rectifiers and capacitor filtering.


Safety switch for AS-i - 3SF

Sirius 3SF - with the safety switches for AS-i the ASIsafe electronics are integrated in the switch enclosure, meaning the safety functions no longer need to be conventionally wired.