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SITOP - power supply


Thanks to their high reliability, SITOP power supply units are globally recognized for their high reliability and for their coping with critical network conditions. Full range of switched-mode power supply units provides a controlled 24 V DC power supply and other input voltages.

Advanced PSU

The switching power supply units in the Advanced performance class are the ideal choice for maximum reliability and functionality, as required in the process and automotive industries, in special-purpose machine manufacturing, or in harsh environments.


Standard and basic PSU

Siemens wide range of power supplies that includes – Compact , Lite and Smart power supplies. Siemens standard portfolio has been designed with typical industrial requirements in mind, such as those in series machine production.


Special design & applications

Whether restricted installation conditions, harsh ambient conditions, or special input or output voltages are concerned: These standard power supply units ensure a reliable and efficient supply of power, even when subject to extraordinary demands. Thanks to their compact design they can be integrated perfectly into existing installations.


Selectivity modules

Selectivity modules are the optimal expansion for all 24 V power supplies in order to distribute and monitor the load current across multiple feeders. Overload and short-circuit in one or more feeders is reliably detected and signaled.



SITOP offers a comprehensive portfolio to protect against power failures with durations from a few seconds to several hours, ranging from buffer modules to system-integrated DC UPS units. Selection is based on the energy storage unit used, the associated ambient conditions, performance and functionality.



The SITOP redundancy modules are the optimal extension for all 24 V power supplies to ensure additional protection from failure of the 24 V supply. The redundancy module continuously monitors the power supply units and, in the event that one unit fails, the other unit automatically takes over the 24 V power supply.