Lukk Ordren ble endret til Fastbox Maxi

Ordren ble endret til en Fastbox Maxi på grunn av størrelsen på en eller flere av produktene i handlekurven. Fastbox Maxi er produkter som ikke passer i vår standardkartong med en lengde opp til 2,5 meter

Hvorfor ble ordren endret til Fastbox Maxi?
Lagre handlekurven?

Fastbox kan ikke leveres. Drive-in kan seinest motta denne type ordre 60 minutter før ordinær stengetid på hverdager. Lagre kurven for seinere bruk eller slett den.


Slette den, og opprette ny eller lagre den som ordreutkast og opprette ny?


Why choose Solar Services?

We know logistics
We know our customers and their needs
We know the requirements in your industry

Trust and a strong partnership make the difference

Trust and a strong partnership make the difference

Increased efficiency, less costs

Reduction of CO2 emission for your business

More time to do profitable assignments


Saving time is crucial for your business

You want to save time and avoid high costs, inefficiency and manual processes.

With our services, we provide tailored solutions that optimise goods handling, inventory management and distributing goods. Solar Services make the difference!

...installers use up to 25 % of their time picking up the materials they need in their daily work.. Get the most out of YOUR workday WITH TAILORED SERVICES

Sustainable building site logistics

It is important to be environmentally conscious at the construction site.
New regulations state that you must comply with the environmental
requirements for CO2 emissions, waste handling, transport and lower
energy consumption.

We can’t solve all of these challenges for you, but we can help you with:
• Less transport to the construction site with scheduled delivery
• A reduction in waste handling by removing unnecessary packaging
• Choosing environmentally friendly products for the installations

Featured services

Scheduled deliveries

More focus on sustainability, demands fewer delivery days in projects.
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Express deliveries

Express delivery within 1-2 hours. Helps reduce CO2 emissions and lets you spend time on profitable tasks.
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Effektiv lagerløsning

Kanban is a solution for managing your inventory and making sure that items are available at all times.
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Warehouse management

VMI is an inventory management system which helps you gain control over your inventory and the availability of your own products.
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Cable logistics

We cut cables at the exact length you need and mark them accordingly. Cost efficient for your business.
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Komplett levering

Receive a box that contains a product assortment of your choice and in suitable wrapping. We’ll even remove the original wrapping from the materials if requested.
Read more about Kitbox
installers can use up to 9 % of their workday searching for materials at the construction site.. spend your time wisely with scheduled deliveries